Innovative Learning Solutions

Experts in online learning and software engineering, we use our skills to research and develop industry-leading products, helping organisations get more from their learning investments. We’re widely known as the owners of Curatr – the award-winning social learning platform; and the brains behind Learning Locker – the Open Source Learning Record Store (LRS).

Curatr is our social learning platform. Developed through research at the University of Warwick (UK), Curatr is now one of the leading peer-to-peer learning environments for corporate and higher education.

Learning Locker is an Learning Record Store (LRS); a massive database for storing big learning data – the sort generated by social learning experiences. It’s Open Source and very popular; the most installed LRS in the world.

Social Learning Experts

Social learning isn’t new. It is a fundamental part of how we learn from our experiences. Whether we are learning in a group or we are trying out new behaviours in the real world, social context has a role to play in every learning experience. That’s why HT2 focuses on social learning solutions, bringing people and data together, using the Web. We believe that good social learning requires 3 key attributes:


Learning is a creative endeavour.

And to be creative you need freedom to think and choose your own path. Not one chosen by a robot tutor.


We believe good learning comes from making connections.

That can come from content, from teachers or, more likely, from your peers.


Data is your evidence.

You can’t bluff your way through proving value; the efficacy of social learning can be proven, but only with the right data.

We Do What We Do Because…

We Love Learning

We believe that education and learning is the gateway to freedom.

The freedom to choose your job, to control your future and to become the best possible version of yourself.

But We Hate 'Doing' Learning

The digital age should have provided a revolution in learning.

But so much of what we’ve seen so far is about the administration of learning, not the learning process.

Now Is Our Time

It’s time to take back technology for the learners.

We invest our expertise in creating technology products that change learners lives for the better.

Sharing Our Latest Thinking

Our Team can often be found at conferences and delivering speaking sessions at events across the globe.

In the spirit of all-things-social, we also share our latest thinking on our blog.

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